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It's Burger O'Clock

It's Burger O'Clock

Keep calm, it’s Burger Time!

Hmmmh.. Burger. There are so many reasons to love it. Our High Flyers students just had an unforgettable experience making their own burger at Burger King, one of the most popular fast food and burger restaurant in the world! At the beginning, one of Burger King staff and Mr. John gave them a brainstorming session about the fast food restaurant and hand hygiene. Then they went around the kitchen and they were introduced to existing tools used in Burger King.

Each student got a chance to make their own Cheese Burger and Ice cream! Hmmh.. Yummy! There was also a coloring competition and the three winners got a trophy from Burger King. They really had a brilliant of time in this activity! Why not come down and unleash your creativity at EF Life Clubs?


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